Luke Bryan talks about the deaths of his brother and sister on ABC tonight

Luke Bryan talks about the deaths of his brother and sister on ABC tonight

Tonight on ABC, country music star Luke Bryan talks to Robin Roberts about overcoming the tragic deaths of his brother and sister, details his career rise, and tells how he and his wife now raise his sister’s three children.

Years ago, about to move to Nashville to pursue his country music dreams when he was just 19 years old, Luke was thrown into turmoil when his brother was killed in a car accident. Shell-shocked, he was nevertheless convinced by his father to continue chasing his music dreams, with the whole family now well aware of how “fragile life was”.

Luke details his rise to fame, and how his life was again stopped short by the death of his sister in 2007. Only a month before she passed away, she had proudly watched his first performance at the Grand Ole Opry, and a photo of them together that night would be the last ever taken.

Talking of the loss, Luke says “you have to honor their memory by living. You have to be a positive light”. On days on his farm, he asks “why isn’t my sister here?”, and says how he imagines his brother “mowing the fields and filling up the fish feeders, and me and him sharing a beer as the sun goes down. It sucks that you have to imagine this is what we’d be doing but you have to feel good knowing that that’s what we’d be doing.”

I couldn’t agree more. Imagining just that is what moved me to create Just Five Minutes! Watch Luke’s moving story and inspiring resolve here:

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