‘Angel’ nurse singing to her dying patient goes viral

‘Angel’ nurse singing to her dying patient goes viral

For anyone who has had their life touched by a nurse caring for a dying family member or friend, this truly heartwarming story and video will have special meaning.

Nurse Olivia Neufelder met Margaret Smith at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville while Margaret awaited a kidney transplant after being diagnosed with cancer. The two women bonded and Olivia would regularly sing to Margaret in her final weeks, her close friend Crystal Hamilton Roberts told Fox 17 News. Margaret would often call her Olivia her ‘angel’, says Crystal.

Margaret sadly passed away last Wednesday but Crystal first captured this incredible video of Olivia singing Margaret her favorite song, ‘Dancing in the Sky’ by Dani and Lizzie.

Just beautiful. And thank goodness for the Olivias in this world.




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