What is Just Five Minutes?

What is Just Five Minutes?

Just Five Minutes is a website created to help those dealing with grief reconnect to their lost loved one, whether by dreaming the impossible or by simply reading other peoples’ words who may be experiencing the same sense of loss as you.

The purpose of Just Five Minutes is twofold. First and foremost, it’s a place to honor your loved one who has passed away – and bring them back into today. Not just in a photo or memory. To dream the impossible and imagine what you would say and do if you could have them back for five minutes today. Just five minutes. There is just one question:

‘What would you do if … came back to you for just five minutes? Imagine a door in front of you opens, they walk through it, and then five minutes later they have to go back through the door and disappear forever.’

You’re not talking about them, you’re talking directly to them. This is your chance to say and do what you really want to, for just five minutes. See examples here.

Some of us lose loved ones through illness and have time to somewhat prepare ourselves, but some lose them through an accident and don’t even get to say goodbye. And so often those we’ve lost are barely spoken about, either because it’s too painful, the time doesn’t feel right, or even when you want to family or friends are too worried it will upset you. Yet we hold the dream of having them back, to recapture the connection that had such an impact on our lives, to share, to get answers, to update, to say things that were left unsaid.

Every situation and relationship is different, but relating to the experience and words of strangers can provide both comfort and insight. The website will be categorized by relationships (i.e. Mother/Sibling/Friend) so you can search the JFM that most relates to you and everyone will get to post a photo of their loved one.

And so secondly, by sharing your experience and posting your JFM you can hopefully help others who are working through their own grieving process and maybe feel alone doing so. The words of strangers can be powerful and maybe you prefer to just read other people’s words – it’s up to you.

I hope this may be of interest to you, or help you. I would love to hear your thoughts and if you would like to contribute your Just Five Minutes, so please contact me here.

Thank you,